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30.11.2015 skitrip Soelden / Austria 2015

ski trip with my mate Joerg

Lungau - Winter 2013 / 2014 - GoPro Hero3

21.09.2015 new bike in town

14.04.2014 and ongoing ...another skitrip!!!...

new year, new snow, new ski trip :)

Lungau - Winter 2013 / 2014 - GoPro Hero3

09.01.2014 ...GoPro Time!!!...

Happy new year to you and your family!! <3
The skitrip is over and and cut for this trip is done. just click the tile :) DO IT!!! NOW!! :)

Lungau - Winter 2013 / 2014 - GoPro Hero3

19.12.2013 ...new familiy member...

something has changed, we´ve got a new familiy member called Bob... welcome home big dog :*

I also got a new GoPro last month and new fun videos will follow soon.

29.07.2013...new tracks and updated about me picture...

Add some new music from Professor Kliq and Blue_Stahli to the sidebar and add a new picture in the about me area.
see you later :)

06.06.2013 ...some improvments on scripts, new ideas, new background...

I´ve fixed some bugs with scripts and working on new ideas like scaling boxes and so on. Today I shot a awesome picture during a bike tour... and did you see the video area?!!!
cya :)

21.05.2013 ...bike section...

The bike and the video areas are now live, the scripts are running fine and I have already new ideas for more content,
see you later

17/18.05.2013 ...Sidebar, Music, Autoscale?!...

Nice to meet you here, more and more content came up and I´ve started with the beta test for my page. The new lightbox is running and from now also videos are possible to view within this box... check out the 2 links right below the news.
Do you open already the sidebar? Check it out and by the way, the site now scale related to the browser size :)
Enjoy your stay

15.05.2013 ...New Lightbox for videos...

currently I´m working on a new lightbox which enable also youtube and vimeo videos when clicking a tile,
similar to picture lightboxes. Also I´m changed to color theme... from blue to grey and it looks a lot smarter.
By the way... I really fix the Google Chrome webfont issue, thanks to Thomas from http://metro-webdesign.info
Stay tuned... Chris :)

14.05.2013 ...this is a page about chrisly...

this is a page about chrisly, this is a page about me, it´s my first try and I hope you enjoy your stay. Finally my thoughts are, woho... this looks really cool for my frist try :)
Give your F11 key a chance and try it in fullscreen, this looks 100% better from my point of view, however, enjoy your stay...

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