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>>2015 and ongoing, nothing real new, just that Bob become the best dog all time :)<<
another gopro edit!!
new year, new snow, new ski trip :)
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09.01.2014 Happy new year to you and your family!!
The skitrip is over and and cut for this trip is done. just click the tile :) DO IT!!! NOW!! :)
>>older news<<
Skitrip 2013/14
back with a new GoPro Hero3!!!! Enjoy
this is singletrail fun
<3 i like
Google Webfonts and Google Chrome?
It´s just not working and the font looks like SH*T... Fix the Google Chrome webfont issue, thanks to Thomas
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Hey folks,

Nice to meet you. You must be very interested to figure out who I´m ;)

I guess some information about me are fine to share...

My name is Christopher Lay, I´m 31 years old and living in a city called Halle (Saale) in Germany.
To be outdoorsy is one of the best thing which can happen... to ride a mountain bike, skis or just run with the shining sun in your neck make this fact just more awesome as it already is. I can´t find the right words to describe this feeling :)

My philosophy of life??

It´s never to late too have a happy childhood, isn´t it? ;-)
it´s about me...
want to see more of me?
...I´m working for a global IT Company? 
Did you know that...


rear suspension
-Fox Float RP2
The advantages of the all-mountain bikes are obvious. The well engineered
suspensions guarantee far greater traction and unadulterated ride fun over roots and blocked trails as well as delivering efficient forward power on long climbs. The Nerve AM from 2011, has everything I need for my next outdoor trail adventure. The kinematic delivers the best possible anti-squat performance and 150mm of travel. This results in a minimum of energy sapping squat when climbing and optimum control on the downhill. Thanks for this cool bike Canyon :)
all-mountain?!!! :)
that is 
suspension fork
-Fox 32 Talas
-150mm/120mm travel
Canyon Nerve AM7 2011
gear shift
-Shimano Deore XT
-all over the bike
breake system
-Avid Elixir 5
-200mm front
-180mm rear


This area is for videos which let me think... WOW, this is sick. Life is just incredible. I hope you enjoy this clips as well :)
Youtube and co?!
Do you try HD? :)


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